Friday, November 28, 2008

Only 2 Races left in the Series.

Sly was right that last post almost made it through the entire Cyclocross Season.

Cross is almost over. Wondering what theme we should go with for the Cross Awards Party. Any suggestions?????Last Year it was 80's. This picture is of my friend Engin and I. Last Year Engin was working for Scott Bicycles. This Year he has just started as the San Francisco Cannondale Rep. Hopefully he can still make it out for the Last Call Race and Party on January, 3, 2009!

Nationals are around the Corner as well. Hopefully Bart can use some of his skills to another top 10 Performance. All indicators are pointing in that direction. He just keeps getting faster and faster.
On my way to deliver some more Raw Bean Coffee to Gardie and Bruce to raffle off.
Elena and Tanya in their first Cross Race together. Now that is true freindship. They promised to ride together the entire race and that is what they did.
Kerry had a little problem out on the course.
Me following Cross Series nemesis Sam Moore. The 35+ A class has been a tough battle but a really fun one. Hiring Sportsbase on-line to handle all of the registration has been the best thing I have done. It has allowed me to get out and race Cross. Which is why I started the Series 14 Years ago.
Check out the size of the Junior field. Seeing this many kids out there on their bikes gives me great satisfaction. Hopefully the Boys from Canyon Bicycles in Draper agree. They are the ones that have been providing bikes for any Junior rider who wants to try Cross. Free of Charge I might add!!!! go to for more info.
When you have been friends with someone as long as Art and I have been friends. You both have been talking trash about how bad your going to beat the other for all those years. This is what happens when you leave all your cards out on the course trying to beat the other.
Yep, Art got a Waxin from me that day. We wont count how many times he has beat me this year though. After all this is my Blog that I never update anyways.
Bella and I went out on Sunday after the State Championship and rode the Tandem.
I will bet that Bella holds the world record for a 9 year old riding up Clarks trail with out a motor.Although she did have assistance form me her #1 Fan.
Art was motor pacing with Sly. I was maxing out the heartrate on the Tandem going up Clarks Trail. Wonder who will have more Gas tomorrow at Wheeler Farm?
Later on that evening. Rachel cooked dinner for a bunch of friends.If you have ever had her cookin you know..... Sly tried to sell this Check on e-bay. I guess since he has not asked for it, so he can ship it. Means that it didn't sell.

That's it for now. Also check out the new site. Its is coming alog Great.