Wednesday, July 30, 2008

So I dont update Blogs to much as you may have well noticed. Just returned from Canmore, Alberta, Canada. For all race updates you can go to and see how the team did. I personally didnt do that well. But I guess it is how you view it. I know I was tired after BC Bike race. I was waiting for my fitness to come around. Was not sure what I had in the tank. Well I started the Solo World Championship. Agreed to ride it and see where the chips may fall. Because I was one of the Alumni from 1999. In 1999 I finished 4th. There were like 5 others there that also rode back in 1999. First of all this course was brutal. 15 K 2100 ft of climbing per lap. The first half of the lap was very technical slick roots and very steep. That was a recipe for disaster on my Back. So I made it 5 laps and about 6 or 7 hours not sure. So after I called it a day. I was running around getting stuff for Tinker, Mike Cotty, our 4 person Team, even other Solo riders on Cannondale's. I loaned this rider a rear Reynolds Wheel as he blew his wheel up. It was raining Cats and Dogs after the race and when I went to retieve my wheel his tent was packed up and gone. I wonder if I will get that wheel back????

So these pictures are from our "Vacation" day after the race in Banff National Park. So Beautiful as you can see.

Till next time,