Monday, May 26, 2008

OK so that Sport Legs thing is a joke.

One of my Buddy's from CA Greg (I wont give his last name as he may get balled up about having his full name on the interweb) He races the Race Across America every year on a Team. He and all his old never been buddy's are always on the hunt for Sponsorship. That is a separate topic as well. So we were all at dinner one night and he starts telling everyone about Sport Legs and how great they are.
Just to get him balled up. I jump in and tell him to just go buy some Tums and save himself some money. Greg is always one to take the bate. He never got over it. I have a few more of these adds that he made with me in them. It has probably been 2 years and we still tease him about it always. Isn't that what friends are for?

Monday, May 5, 2008

Poor Gas Milage

Jake and I. We suffered lots of Mud together in Costa Rica. We got some good dust time in at 5 mile.

Sea otter was a tiresome event. By the time day 4 came I was tired and I had to be on the start line for the Cross Country by 8 AM. I suffered pretty bad that day for a 44th finish in Semi Pro. Not what I was expecting. As far as my Team went??? WOW. Mitchell Petersen took 4th. Tinker 11th. The Green Lantern was 18th. 3 Pro's in the top 20 made for a Great day.
So I came home and didnt ride for almost 2 full weeks. I was worked. "Tommy need Sleepy" I rode 2 times before 5 mile. Bart G told me I needed Recovery. I did. I recovered alot. I ate alot. I was so hungry. I was stressed that I was going to start packing it on like the GodFather(who by the way isnt racing right now. He is on a personal growth Journey with his Girl.) I must not be an effiecient absorber. I ate and I ate more. 2 rides . 2 weeks later I show up at 5 mile 2 pounds lighter than at Sea Otter. What the hell?????
So I end up putting in a good ride. Finished 6th. I caught up to K day and Chad Harris at the end of lap 4 and basically ran out of race course.
The Title of my post is "Poor Gas Milage"
I quized Bart G and Alex Grant on Sunday's ride what they had for food/energy during Satrurdays race????? Bart had 3 Gu's. Alex Grant the same. Me?????????????????????????????????
Well I had 3 Bottle's of Rocket Fuel(Brad Keys Stuff), I bottle of Gatorade, 6 lime Non Caffiene Gu's, 3 Berry Caffienated Gu's, then on Lap #4 I had probably 30 to 40 Swedish Fish. 19 pieces equals 140 calories. Ingedients: Sugar, Invert Sugar, Corn Syrup, Modified Corn Starch, Citric Acid, White Mineral Oil, Artificial flavors, Red 40 and Carnauba Wax. I had a big glob of swedish fish that would make a baseball player proud, all stuffed up in my lip like a Big League Chew.
Sugar running down my throught the entire lap. I felt Great.
What I am getting at is Bart G is like a fuel efficient 40 mile to the gallon Hybrid ripping around the course. Im like an old 1969 Mustang that gets 8 miles to the gallon. Why do I have to eat so much while racing?