Saturday, April 12, 2008

Cholla Sand Wash Challenge

No pictures today.

I spent 2:23 in the pain cave today. Felt like crap the entire time. Never got into a groove. Team Rico Hovered behind like the entire race. I tried to hold him off on lap 3 but failed. After he passed me I blew so hard. I just limped it in. Camping at Gooseberry at the moment with Keating, Jody, and a couple Kuhl Clothing Guys. These Guys think Im nuts. First I made them listen to Iron Maiden's entire first album plus half of their 2nd, then for a change of pace we listened to the entire ABBA Gold Greatest Hits, Now its some AC/DC.
Rippin Goosebery Mesa in the Morning. Need Sleepy.....

Thursday, April 10, 2008

I dont have time to maintain Blogs.

I was down in AZ for stop #2 of the NMBS series. I raced the Marathon and was 9th. It was Hot. 42nd Place in the Super D an Hour later. I was worked from 4.5 hours before. I was 30th in Short track. Didnt get pulled. Was still worked from the Marathon. Sunday was Cross Country. I told Chris from Thule that when the leaders came through to head over to the feed zone. After one Lap, a good start, smart riding, I was in 4th with the 3 leaders. Chris was not there. I didnt get my bottle. I had to stop at nuetral feed and have a bottle filled. I went from 4th sitting in and drafting to 30th panicing trying to get around people. I watched the top 10 ride away. A gap opened and there was nothing I could do. I still worked myself up to 20th place. I would have Won every expert age group with my time. So it was a success. Its just eating at me wondering what if I had not pulled off to get a bottle????????
I also could have kept going and just grabbed one of the 100's of full bottles that people lost because of the massive studder bumbs out there. Oh well. I wont make that mistake again.
My Cats Love Isabella.
They are biulding a big as bridge across the Hoover damn so they can let traffic speed by and have no risk of Terrorists blowing up the Damn.

Check out the sweet tan lines. This is a common site a bike races.

Mitchell and I ate at a place called Flapjacks in Fountain Hills, AZ. If you are in Fountain Hills I highly recommend it.

I ate 12 GU's during the Marathon. It was like 90 degrees. BP worked me over. The score is 1 to 1.

This Guys name is Stephan from Vancuver, BC. He says people call him Tinker while he is racing.

Tinker grabbing one bottle and taking off. He complained of cramping problems during the Marathon. Notice he has a Hydration Pack on. With no bladder in it. He says he cant drink out of bladders only bottles.He uses the pack to carry his tube and C02's????? Maybe I need to get him hooked up with Polar Pak they have bladders that you can presurize so the water squirts out on its own.

This is a video of me trying to show you what a great trash can the Lefty steerer tube makes.
You saw the picture of the 12 gu packs I pulled out of there. Race promoters dont have to clean up after me.....
I wonder what SLY thinks of that....

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Happy Budda

I went to a place called the Happy Budda in Temecula, CA today. Its a Foot Reflexology place. Chiniese people that know what they are doing. WOW!!!! My feet and legs feel like a million bucks right now.
You come in and first they soak your feet in this really hot bucket of water with salt and erbs. While you are soking they give you the best head neck massage you have ever had. Then they go to town on your feet. For a full hour.
HOLY SHIT!!!!! This is the best $35 bucks I have ever spent. Oh Ya they serve you hot Green Tea the entire time. Good Stuff.

Photo Shoot with Tinker

If you didnt know. Tinker Jaurez has joined the Team for 2008. This is just a sneak peak of what we have been working on. Fun Stuff. Tinker will be flying the New colors this Friday in Fountain Hills at the NMBS#2 Marathon.