Sunday, December 21, 2008

Utahcyclocross Last Call Cross Race & Awards Party

Jon and I had been having a hell of a time coming up with a Venue, theme, Caterer, everything. We were running out of time. Jon kept voting for a 2 person Party down in Costa Rica on the Beach. While that sounded Great and we could definitely go to Costa Rica and back on the amount of money this Party is going to cost. We could not leave the Crosser's Hanging. Although it was fun to joke about. We did have one option and that was RMR. Then it hit me. Who is the funniest actor of all time? Because one problem we started last year was the Theme and if there is a theme? Then the Guy's that come up with the theme need to have something good right?
Ok, so I already ordered my Ricky Bobby costume. All the info for the Race and Party on Jan.3rd is below. See you there!

I wonder how many Ricky Bobby's we will have at the Party.......

2008 Schedule


Everyone is invited. Come celebrate the great success and growth of the Utah Cyclocross scene!


To get an accurate count for our caterer, we need everyone to REGISTER ONLINE by Dec, 29th 2008.

If you are competing in the Last Call Cross Race, your ticket to the party is included in your race registration fee (If you are planning to race, but won't be attending the party, please let us know by Dec 29th, so we don’t buy your food.)

Day of Registrations DO NOT INCLUDE DINNER at the Party.

Not racing, but plan on attending the awards party and would like to eat dinner? Register here.
The cost is $15 dollars for adults and $10 dollars for Kids.

Dinner will sell out at 300, so get registered. If you are not eating dinner, the Program Starts at 6:00pm and there will be chairs and standing room in the back. Max Occupants for the room is 360.



6555 West 2100 South
West Valley City, Utah 84128




Tommy's Texas BBQ

Option 1: Beef Brisket

Option 2: Chicken

Option 3: Vegetarian

Choice of 2 Sides: Pinto Beans, Spicy Beans, Corn on the Cob, and Coleslaw.

Dessert: Cookies and Brownies.

Drinks: Water, Lemonade

Uinta Brewery

Some of Uinta’s finest brews will be served.

There will also be a Cash Bar.

Party Schedule:

5:00pm: Doors Open. There will be drinks and we will have Sam Ray's Best of Season Cross Video’s playing.

5:30pm: Dinner Served

6:00pm: Jon’s Opening Comments

6:15pm: The Reverend’s Top 10 Reason’s to race Cyclocross.

6:30pm: Matt gives some Awards out.

7:00pm: Gardie/Bruce State and Series Awards
(Top 3 for State Championship and Top 3 for Series Awards. If you can not attend? Please arrange to have someone who is in attendance pick up your award.)

8:15pm: Junior’s PiƱatas filled with Prizes - So bring the Kids!

8:30pm: Cannondale Frame*, Fuji Frame**, and Prize Raffles***
*Everyone with 8 races or more will be entered in the drawing for the Cannondale Caad 9 Cross Frame and Easton Carbon Fork. Must not be present to Win!
**Everyone who used Sportsbase on-line to Register is entered into the Raffle for the Fuji Cross Frame and fork. Must not be present to Win!
*** We will have plenty more prizes to raffle off to anyone at the Party. Must be Present to Win.

9:00 pm: Talladega Nights - Have your pillows and bean bags ready!

Talladega Nights


January, 3rd, 2009, Race Schedule *Different from Series Races!!!!!!

1:30 PM - 60 Minutes

  • A (Pro, Semi-pro, Expert, Cat 1, Cat 2,)
  • Masters A 35+
  • Single Speed
  • Women A

12:45PM - 20 minutes

  • Women C (First Season Cross Racers)
  • Junior Men 10-14 *
  • Junior Women 10-14*
  • Junior 9 & under

11:45 AM - 40 Minutes

  • C (First Timers, Entry Level Racers, Cat 5, Beginner)
  • Master 55+
  • Women B ( Beginner, Cat 4, Cat 5)
  • Clydesdale (210 plus) *This is a Test, Tell everyone you know about it.

10:30 AM - 45 Minutes (We figured the B’s should Blaze Trail this time!!!)

  • Men B
  • Master Men 35+ B
  • Master Men 45+

Registration Fees

  • $22.00 Pre-Registration by Dec 29th, 2008 includes Dinner. (register)
  • $22.00 Day of Registration ** DOES NOT INCLUDE DINNER
  • $17.00 For Juniors and Women C by Dec 29th, 2008 includes Dinner.
  • $8.00 Day of Registration for Juniors and Women C **DOES NOT INCLUDE DINNER
  • $10.00 For extra race
  • $15 Adult Dinner and Party only by Dec 29th
  • $10 Junior Dinner and Party only by Dec 29th

Friday, November 28, 2008

Only 2 Races left in the Series.

Sly was right that last post almost made it through the entire Cyclocross Season.

Cross is almost over. Wondering what theme we should go with for the Cross Awards Party. Any suggestions?????Last Year it was 80's. This picture is of my friend Engin and I. Last Year Engin was working for Scott Bicycles. This Year he has just started as the San Francisco Cannondale Rep. Hopefully he can still make it out for the Last Call Race and Party on January, 3, 2009!

Nationals are around the Corner as well. Hopefully Bart can use some of his skills to another top 10 Performance. All indicators are pointing in that direction. He just keeps getting faster and faster.
On my way to deliver some more Raw Bean Coffee to Gardie and Bruce to raffle off.
Elena and Tanya in their first Cross Race together. Now that is true freindship. They promised to ride together the entire race and that is what they did.
Kerry had a little problem out on the course.
Me following Cross Series nemesis Sam Moore. The 35+ A class has been a tough battle but a really fun one. Hiring Sportsbase on-line to handle all of the registration has been the best thing I have done. It has allowed me to get out and race Cross. Which is why I started the Series 14 Years ago.
Check out the size of the Junior field. Seeing this many kids out there on their bikes gives me great satisfaction. Hopefully the Boys from Canyon Bicycles in Draper agree. They are the ones that have been providing bikes for any Junior rider who wants to try Cross. Free of Charge I might add!!!! go to for more info.
When you have been friends with someone as long as Art and I have been friends. You both have been talking trash about how bad your going to beat the other for all those years. This is what happens when you leave all your cards out on the course trying to beat the other.
Yep, Art got a Waxin from me that day. We wont count how many times he has beat me this year though. After all this is my Blog that I never update anyways.
Bella and I went out on Sunday after the State Championship and rode the Tandem.
I will bet that Bella holds the world record for a 9 year old riding up Clarks trail with out a motor.Although she did have assistance form me her #1 Fan.
Art was motor pacing with Sly. I was maxing out the heartrate on the Tandem going up Clarks Trail. Wonder who will have more Gas tomorrow at Wheeler Farm?
Later on that evening. Rachel cooked dinner for a bunch of friends.If you have ever had her cookin you know..... Sly tried to sell this Check on e-bay. I guess since he has not asked for it, so he can ship it. Means that it didn't sell.

That's it for now. Also check out the new site. Its is coming alog Great.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Cyclocross Season is Coming Fast!!!!!!!!

It seems like Yesterday.......

Smiling Faces......
Selfless time donated.....

Enthusiasm: Mr Kerry Thurgood? Ranks very high in my book.

Gardie Jackson is another...... Do I need to say more?

I myself can not wait to get out there and suffer......

Then there was the comeback race that Bart had.

If you were there you saw it, if not maybe you heard about it!

Let the 2008 Cross Season Begin.........

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

So I dont update Blogs to much as you may have well noticed. Just returned from Canmore, Alberta, Canada. For all race updates you can go to and see how the team did. I personally didnt do that well. But I guess it is how you view it. I know I was tired after BC Bike race. I was waiting for my fitness to come around. Was not sure what I had in the tank. Well I started the Solo World Championship. Agreed to ride it and see where the chips may fall. Because I was one of the Alumni from 1999. In 1999 I finished 4th. There were like 5 others there that also rode back in 1999. First of all this course was brutal. 15 K 2100 ft of climbing per lap. The first half of the lap was very technical slick roots and very steep. That was a recipe for disaster on my Back. So I made it 5 laps and about 6 or 7 hours not sure. So after I called it a day. I was running around getting stuff for Tinker, Mike Cotty, our 4 person Team, even other Solo riders on Cannondale's. I loaned this rider a rear Reynolds Wheel as he blew his wheel up. It was raining Cats and Dogs after the race and when I went to retieve my wheel his tent was packed up and gone. I wonder if I will get that wheel back????

So these pictures are from our "Vacation" day after the race in Banff National Park. So Beautiful as you can see.

Till next time,


Monday, May 26, 2008

OK so that Sport Legs thing is a joke.

One of my Buddy's from CA Greg (I wont give his last name as he may get balled up about having his full name on the interweb) He races the Race Across America every year on a Team. He and all his old never been buddy's are always on the hunt for Sponsorship. That is a separate topic as well. So we were all at dinner one night and he starts telling everyone about Sport Legs and how great they are.
Just to get him balled up. I jump in and tell him to just go buy some Tums and save himself some money. Greg is always one to take the bate. He never got over it. I have a few more of these adds that he made with me in them. It has probably been 2 years and we still tease him about it always. Isn't that what friends are for?

Monday, May 5, 2008

Poor Gas Milage

Jake and I. We suffered lots of Mud together in Costa Rica. We got some good dust time in at 5 mile.

Sea otter was a tiresome event. By the time day 4 came I was tired and I had to be on the start line for the Cross Country by 8 AM. I suffered pretty bad that day for a 44th finish in Semi Pro. Not what I was expecting. As far as my Team went??? WOW. Mitchell Petersen took 4th. Tinker 11th. The Green Lantern was 18th. 3 Pro's in the top 20 made for a Great day.
So I came home and didnt ride for almost 2 full weeks. I was worked. "Tommy need Sleepy" I rode 2 times before 5 mile. Bart G told me I needed Recovery. I did. I recovered alot. I ate alot. I was so hungry. I was stressed that I was going to start packing it on like the GodFather(who by the way isnt racing right now. He is on a personal growth Journey with his Girl.) I must not be an effiecient absorber. I ate and I ate more. 2 rides . 2 weeks later I show up at 5 mile 2 pounds lighter than at Sea Otter. What the hell?????
So I end up putting in a good ride. Finished 6th. I caught up to K day and Chad Harris at the end of lap 4 and basically ran out of race course.
The Title of my post is "Poor Gas Milage"
I quized Bart G and Alex Grant on Sunday's ride what they had for food/energy during Satrurdays race????? Bart had 3 Gu's. Alex Grant the same. Me?????????????????????????????????
Well I had 3 Bottle's of Rocket Fuel(Brad Keys Stuff), I bottle of Gatorade, 6 lime Non Caffiene Gu's, 3 Berry Caffienated Gu's, then on Lap #4 I had probably 30 to 40 Swedish Fish. 19 pieces equals 140 calories. Ingedients: Sugar, Invert Sugar, Corn Syrup, Modified Corn Starch, Citric Acid, White Mineral Oil, Artificial flavors, Red 40 and Carnauba Wax. I had a big glob of swedish fish that would make a baseball player proud, all stuffed up in my lip like a Big League Chew.
Sugar running down my throught the entire lap. I felt Great.
What I am getting at is Bart G is like a fuel efficient 40 mile to the gallon Hybrid ripping around the course. Im like an old 1969 Mustang that gets 8 miles to the gallon. Why do I have to eat so much while racing?

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Cholla Sand Wash Challenge

No pictures today.

I spent 2:23 in the pain cave today. Felt like crap the entire time. Never got into a groove. Team Rico Hovered behind like the entire race. I tried to hold him off on lap 3 but failed. After he passed me I blew so hard. I just limped it in. Camping at Gooseberry at the moment with Keating, Jody, and a couple Kuhl Clothing Guys. These Guys think Im nuts. First I made them listen to Iron Maiden's entire first album plus half of their 2nd, then for a change of pace we listened to the entire ABBA Gold Greatest Hits, Now its some AC/DC.
Rippin Goosebery Mesa in the Morning. Need Sleepy.....

Thursday, April 10, 2008

I dont have time to maintain Blogs.

I was down in AZ for stop #2 of the NMBS series. I raced the Marathon and was 9th. It was Hot. 42nd Place in the Super D an Hour later. I was worked from 4.5 hours before. I was 30th in Short track. Didnt get pulled. Was still worked from the Marathon. Sunday was Cross Country. I told Chris from Thule that when the leaders came through to head over to the feed zone. After one Lap, a good start, smart riding, I was in 4th with the 3 leaders. Chris was not there. I didnt get my bottle. I had to stop at nuetral feed and have a bottle filled. I went from 4th sitting in and drafting to 30th panicing trying to get around people. I watched the top 10 ride away. A gap opened and there was nothing I could do. I still worked myself up to 20th place. I would have Won every expert age group with my time. So it was a success. Its just eating at me wondering what if I had not pulled off to get a bottle????????
I also could have kept going and just grabbed one of the 100's of full bottles that people lost because of the massive studder bumbs out there. Oh well. I wont make that mistake again.
My Cats Love Isabella.
They are biulding a big as bridge across the Hoover damn so they can let traffic speed by and have no risk of Terrorists blowing up the Damn.

Check out the sweet tan lines. This is a common site a bike races.

Mitchell and I ate at a place called Flapjacks in Fountain Hills, AZ. If you are in Fountain Hills I highly recommend it.

I ate 12 GU's during the Marathon. It was like 90 degrees. BP worked me over. The score is 1 to 1.

This Guys name is Stephan from Vancuver, BC. He says people call him Tinker while he is racing.

Tinker grabbing one bottle and taking off. He complained of cramping problems during the Marathon. Notice he has a Hydration Pack on. With no bladder in it. He says he cant drink out of bladders only bottles.He uses the pack to carry his tube and C02's????? Maybe I need to get him hooked up with Polar Pak they have bladders that you can presurize so the water squirts out on its own.

This is a video of me trying to show you what a great trash can the Lefty steerer tube makes.
You saw the picture of the 12 gu packs I pulled out of there. Race promoters dont have to clean up after me.....
I wonder what SLY thinks of that....

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Happy Budda

I went to a place called the Happy Budda in Temecula, CA today. Its a Foot Reflexology place. Chiniese people that know what they are doing. WOW!!!! My feet and legs feel like a million bucks right now.
You come in and first they soak your feet in this really hot bucket of water with salt and erbs. While you are soking they give you the best head neck massage you have ever had. Then they go to town on your feet. For a full hour.
HOLY SHIT!!!!! This is the best $35 bucks I have ever spent. Oh Ya they serve you hot Green Tea the entire time. Good Stuff.

Photo Shoot with Tinker

If you didnt know. Tinker Jaurez has joined the Team for 2008. This is just a sneak peak of what we have been working on. Fun Stuff. Tinker will be flying the New colors this Friday in Fountain Hills at the NMBS#2 Marathon.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Fontana Dust Bowl

Mitchell Petersen

Kabush and the rest of the Pro mens field at the start.

Heather Holmes Kenda Titus Hayes

Sue Butler

Kathy Sherwin SoBe Cannondale
The Fontana NMBS Race #1 was set in an "urban" setting. It was dusty. Thats all I am going to bitch about.
Mitchell, Sue, Heather, and Kathy all had good rides. Mitchell was the 2nd U23 rider in the Cross Country. A good performance in his quest to qualify for Worlds team.
I dont have any pictures of myself. I races in the Semi-Pro's and had a rough go of it. I was hoping for better than 26th place but that is what I ended up. The course had a bunch of steep ups and downs. It was a very intense interval session. No place to settle into a rythem. Not my type of course. My time would have been 3rd or 4th in the Expert 35-39 Category so Im not that bummed. Motocross Legend Johnny Omara is like 47 Years old and would have been 2nd in Semi Pro. He hauled ass. Fastest Expert time of the day.
I am hoping Mcdowell Mountain will have more flow. Which from what I remember it does. Hoping to perform better this weekend. Marathon on Friday. Then Super D right after I finish the Marathon, Short track on Saturday, and then Cross Country on Sunday. I am going to be worked. Nat Ross says he is doing all 4 events so I figured I will give it a try.
Besides packing it back on.... I wonder what Sly is doing in Rico...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

2 Weeks on the Road

I had this new custom seat put in the Sprinter. It folds out into a bed and has 3 Seat belts. My 2 Girls and I left for California Yesterday for Spring Break. They have a full week off. Brought the Tandem and Bella's Bike. A little training during the week. Then Race at the First NMBS race in Fontana on Saturday.
Hopefully I have something good to post after that one.
New Monavie Team Scalpel arrives at Kwaits house on Thursday. Biuld it up. Along with some super sick light weight Reynolds wheels. Pre ride the Course with all the other Monavie Team members on Friday. Hopefully Bart G will be on fire like he was in St George.